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….all you need is a driving certificate

Boatpeople Centre offers yacht courses which lead to the successful issue of the pleasure craft certificate (Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competency II). The certificate will allow you to operate a pleasure craft of less than 15 metres in length and a jet ski of unlimited horsepower.

Without the certificate, you are not allowed to operate a jet ski on your own. You are only allowed to sit behind the operator who finds the splashing fun and speeding excitement which you cannot 100% share. Without the certificate, you need to hire a coxswain to operate your million dollars worth of love boat which takes you and your girlfriend to see the sunrise and sunset on the horizon. You need the coxswain to protect you all the journey.

The certificate, combined both deck and engineering qualifications, is virtually your another life-long identity card. You need not renew it until you reach 65 of age.

The yacht courses are taught by a former senior marine inspector and an experienced captain/engineer. The courses are tailored made for the examination which comprises multiple choice questions only.

Boatpeople Centre also offers courses on Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competency I, and the Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels)(Local Certificate of Competency).

We are also offering the sales of pleasure craft and yacht maintenance services.

For details, you are welcome to visit our website or ring: 3568 7234 or email: